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MCD Day & Night
MCD Night

Peace should not be taken for granted. When the night draws near, an intense battle is flaring up…

While we, the lucky majority, experience peace, there are still places where wars continue to erupt, with people sacrificing lives to protect their homelands. By taking part in an interactive theatre game, the "MCD Night", parents and children are invited to form an alliance, to explore the significant history of the Battle for Hong Kong and the stories behind. Throughout the night, participants will learn stargazing from the curators of the Hong Kong Space Museum, understand the military communications and types of the military rations from Watershed Hong Kong. Representatives of The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association will also share the skills on setting up army tents. The "MCD Night" offers parents and children precious moments to reflect on war and peace.

Nov 26 - 27
(Sat to Sun)

7pm (Nov 26) -
9am (Nov 27)

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence