Museum Festival

We are proud to present again the Muse Fest HK this year.  Stepping into the second year, we look like a toddler – fresh, playful and curious about everything around.  Therefore, we not only gathered all the museums, heritage centres, art spaces as well as cultural and museum related offices under the Department, but also other museums and innovative institutes outside to be our partners.  We get together for producing all kinds of fun-filled programmes and activities with an aim of attracting you to join us – to explore and to see more.

"See More" is the message that we would like to share with you this year.  We believe that if we can ask more out of curiosity, take different perspectives and think out of the box always, we could then be refreshed with new insights and brought to a new horizon. 

When you go on reading this webpage, you will be excited to find out there are so many fabulous programmes offered by the Muse Fest this year.

We have more than 100 programmes which are divided into four categories.  They are Muse Fest Special Activity Series, Museum Inside Out Activity Series, Exhibition and Film Show Series as well as Educational and Extension Activity Series.

Among the colourful programmes, the opening event – A Night in Love with Monet – is one of the most spectacular activities on the list.  To tie-in with the "Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place" exhibition, this activity will enable you to see the impressionist master Claude Monet and his works in different light.  We encourage all participants to open up all their senses – seeing, listening, touching and even tasting – to feel and appreciate the art of Monet, and to learn more about his life.

The well-received Conservation Clinic returns this year with fortified content.  Our specialist conservators will be there to provide the public with consultation service on the treasures they bring along to the clinic.

Our curators will also go out from their offices to meet the public.  There are two sharing sessions that should not be missed – The Passionate Curators and All-round Curators.  To be conducted in Cantonese, the former will be hosted by various curators who will share with the youngsters their experience in pursuit of dreams and career development while the latter, a cross-over talk, will be hosted by three professionals from the streams of art, film and marketing of the public museums.  The "Curator's Kitchen" talk series is another highly recommended programme on our list.  Several curators from the disciplines of history, art and science will become a "Chef" in the art kitchen of Oi!.  They will share with the public some very special and creative recipes along with their stories on Hong Kong art and culture as well as scientific knowledge discovered in the kitchen.

You will also find a number of fabulous exhibitions on our programme list.  Apart from the "Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place" and "The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series – Mare Nostrum: Roman Navy and Pompeii" exhibitions, the "Animal Grossology" exhibition by the Hong Kong Science Museum will definitely be well-received by the kids.  To tie-in with the exhibition, we have invited theatrical professionals to arrange two special activities – Animal Party Go Go Go! and Amazing Animal Fun Tour.  Young audience are invited to dress up as insects or animals and join the fun tour in the wonderful animal world where they can take a slightly off-kilter view and experience the stinky fun of the animal kingdom.

Our finale show, "Museum of Art on Wheels!" x HKDI "My Bowl․My Story" Flash Mob Party will feature the works by the design students of Hong Kong Design Institute.  The students will share with you their own stories, in the form of 1,000 hand-painted bowls, tinted by a unique flavor of Hong Kong.

Our museums have been paying efforts to cater different community groups and those with special needs in our society to enable them to enjoy museum facilities and services.  Therefore, we will launch a Museum for All Programme Series during the Muse Fest period.  We have invited the Dialogue Experience to organise Silence Science Workshop for participation of secondary school students.  Participants will be able to experience the world of the hearing impaired by undergoing scientific inventions in complete silence.  The Dialogue Experience will also bring the public a special show – Silence Motion․Walking with the Earth.  The audience will be taken on a unique, exciting interactive journey where they will see for themselves the birth and evolution of the earth.  Through these activities, we hope that we can learn to embrace "differences" and build an inclusive society together.

Our museum partners, the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Education and the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, will join the festival, bringing along with them a number of wonderful programmes that you should not miss.

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Hong Kong Design Institute, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and The Hong Kong Society for the Blind, which have rendered their support for this year's Muse Fest.