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Highlights: Museums serve to preserve our invaluable cultural properties for future generations. The Conservation Office provides crucial and expert conservation support to Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) museums through preventive conservation (protecting cultural properties by controlling environment, pests and human factors such as careless handling or neglect); and interventive conservation, in which treatment plans are executed for objects according to their conservation needs using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Apart from providing the above-mentioned professional services, the Office also promotes conservation awareness in the community through its extension programmes.    

Given the diverse nature of the museums' collections, the Office has eight specialized units to handle the conservation of Paintings, Photographs & Prints, Historical Documents, Textiles & Natural History Specimens, Organic Materials, Ceramics & Inorganic Materials, Metals and Archaeological Finds

Education Programmes: The School Culture Day (SCD) Scheme encourages students to get hands-on experience of conservation work and other cultural activities at LCSD's cultural venues. Through the tailor-made "Conservation D.I.Y." programme, students will discover the enjoyable challenge of conservation work. They will learn how the knowledge in science, art and history can be applied to conservation work and appreciate the importance of preserving our cultural heritage. Interested schools may apply for the annual SCD Scheme and enroll on the conservation workshop. Application details will normally be announced in May for enrollment in the subsequent academic year. 

Resource Centre of the Conservation Office: Located in the Hong Kong Museum of History (100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon), the Centre offers a wealth of reference materials such as conservation and scientific literature, periodicals, journals, audio-visual materials and internet access to conservation network for those who are interested in the subject of conservation.  Use of the Centre requires prior appointment.  Click here for opening time and appointment details.

Conservation Specialties
Link of Conservation Office Paintings Specialties Link of Conservation Office Photographs and Prints Specialties Link of Conservation Office Historical Documents and Manuscripts Specialties Link of Conservation Office Textiles and Natural History Specimens Specialties Link of Conservation Office Organic Materials Specialties Link of Conservation Office Ceramics and Inorganic Materials Specialties Link of Conservation Office Metals Specialties Link of Conservation Office Archaeological Finds Specialties
Paintings Photographs &
and Manuscripts
Textiles &
Natural History
Ceramics &
Metals Archaeological


Conservation in Action
Before After
a mask before restoration a mask after restoration
a badge before restoration a badge after restoration
a stamp before restoration a stamp after restoration
an artistic production before restoration an artistic production after restoration
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