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Hong Kong Museum of Art (22.293564,114.172003)

Exhibition Details

Design Show
2018.06.09 - 2018.09.24
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Exhibition Gallery

Hong Kong Heritage Museum has continuously promoted local graphic design. The "Projects.Objects.Play" ─ Tommy Li P.O.P. Design Show is organised by the Museum to reflect the design innovations and creative ideas of renowned Hong Kong designer Tommy Li.


In the exhibition name, "Projects" refers to his previous representative cultural and commercial projects; "Objects" includes his personal selection of 97 objects that have been most influential in his design career, and "Play" reflects his perspectives on life, culture and society, as well as design aesthetics. This exhibition displays the selected works of Tommy Li, including his posters, sculpture installations and latest woodcut series. Through these exhibits, visitors not only learn more about Li's achievements over 35 years in the design industry and his philosophical ideas about the economy, pop culture, art and design, but also understand how foreign pop culture helps to influence and shape the culture of Hong Kong.