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A Glimpse of Tsui's Collection (Phase 2)
Now on Display
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
2/F T. T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art

Co-operating with The Tsui Art Foundation, the Heritage Museum has selected outstanding items from the Foundation's collection to share the late Dr T. T. Tsui's interests and tastes for public appreciation. Phase one features a painting album by Huang Yongyu and seven ceramics depicted in the album.

Phase two features fine works of the applied arts. Foremost among them are two complete sets of porcelain Month Cups made in the imperial kiln for Emperor Kangxi. Each set consists of twelve cups made of eggshell porcelain, each cup painted with a flower of the month and accompanied by a poem. Other exhibits include jade carvings and accessories, some of which were kept by Dr Tsui in his office as personal favourites. Also featured are textile panels and wooden objects with semi-precious stones inlay. The Heritage Museum also features from the museum collection items of jade and gold to complement the display.