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Hong Kong Museum of Art (22.293564,114.172003)

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Digital Dunhuang — Tales of Heaven and Earth
2018.07.11 - 2018.10.22
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Thematic Galleries 3, 4, 5 & Function Place

Technology plays more and more important role in the cultural heritage conservation. The Dunhuang Academy has made substantial achievements in digitisation, 3D scanning and virtual reality representation of the Dunhuang relics, not to mention its accomplishments in promoting the cultural heritage of Dunhuang through internet and multimedia programmes. The exhibition will showcase over 100 exhibits including the replica cave of Mogao Cave 285, virtual caves, a digitised monumental mural of Mogao Cave 61, Mount Wutai, artefacts and archives, interactive multimedia installations and audio-visual programmes, to offer a unique museum experience that allows visitors to learn about the history and art of the Dunhuang Caves.