Map Point Override

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (22.276737,114.159374)

Exhibition Details

sound in the city
2018.11.09 - 2019.01.29
Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
Exhibition Hall, 5/F
Our city comprises of people's living experience, stories and emotions, with sound, which has ever existed, which still exists or which is newly-generated. These mean our city's memories, history and culture. People living in the hustling and bustling city may become too used to the surroundings because of their daily routine, and turn themselves a deaf ear to sound and turn themselves a blind eye to the cityscape.
"sound in the city" is an exhibition series to see our city by bringing invisible sound and visible subject matters together with a mix of a variety of media. Through "sound", a highly transmittable and fusible medium integrated in many creative disciplinary, the imagery and the soundscape of the city will be formed. Integrating the means of science and aesthetics, audiences are to be reminded their relationship with the environment, be open for any imaginations about their life stories. Different voices come and go, bringing us many possibilities and stories beyond vision.
Participating artist
Keith Lam is a new media artist, Co-founder and Artistic Director of New Media Creative Team Dimension Plus & MakerSpace LAB by Dimension Plus and Founder of openground.