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Hong Kong Space Museum (22.294288,114.171901)

Exhibition Details

The Story of Earth 3D
2019.01.01 - 2019.06.30
Hong Kong Space Museum
Stanley Ho Space Theatre

This is the story of a remarkable planet, unlike any other yet found across deep space.

Born from star explosions, it was sculpted by violent collisions in space. Although once being a hostile ball of molten rock, it had transformed itself into a nurturing place where life eventually emerged. This planet is not millions of light years away. We all live and depend on it. It is our home - the Earth.

In the 3D OMNIMAX Show "The Story of Earth 3D", stunning and complex visualisations based on the latest scientific modelling will take audiences back in time to the origins of our planet as they explore the extraordinary chain of events that made life not only possible but sustainable. They will also travel forward to present day, to meet a team of geologists venturing the globe looking for clues that help piece together the greatest story on Earth - the story of Earth itself.