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Sam Tung Uk Museum (22.371971,114.120317)

Exhibition Details

ICH + Innovative Heritage Education Programm - Annual Showcase
2019.06.27 - 2019.07.07
Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre
Lecture Room

"ICH + Innovative Heritage Education Programm" is initiated with an aim to preserve, promote, redefine and revitalise the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Hong Kong by means of a holistic model that integrates "Education", "Revitalisation and Investigation" as well as "Curating and Audience-building". It is going to be a hub to engage the traditional artisans, contemporary art practitioners and the general public of Hong Kong in collaboration, in which the interest in ICH is revived, cultural esteem of artisanship reclaimed and hence, traditional values and local identity rediscovered.

The showcase will be a creative platform for the student to showcase their artworks, includes an array of Cheongsam, Paper-cutting and Paper craft which celebrate their effort and work throughout the year, as well as the outstanding works of ICH masters and contemporary artists. Student's art pieces will demonstrate youth innovation in translating the unique heritage into modern-day design.