Exhibition Details

Celebrating Inheritance and Integration - 10th Anniversary of Inscription of Cantonese Opera onto Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Exhibition
2019.09.06 - 2019.12.01
Hong Kong Film Archive
Exhibition Hall and 1/F Foyer
Visitors will take their first steps onto Chang'an Street, where the exhibition recreates the scene "Picking up a Jade Hairpin in a Lantern-lit Street" from "The Legend of Purple Hairpin" (1959) using projection mapping and moving images. The lyrics, written by Tong Tik-sang, are projected on some of the lanterns. Visitors can stroll under the colorful lights, while reliving the days and nights along the road. 
After walking along Chang'an Street, visitors will enter " the Gongjia (feats) Zone and the Directors' Zone. At the Gongjia (feats) Zone , one can appreciate the Cantonese opera film stars' unique skills such as feats, gestures and performance practice through 12 specially chosen movie clips. At the Directors' Zone, ", visitors can learn the cinematic styles of six directors through their use of cameras, lights and scenes. In addition, video clips featuring interviews with some of the accomplished artists will be screened to illuminate their views on Cantonese opera films.