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The Four Seasons
2020.9.14 -
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Chao Shao-an Gallery

Nature has a wonderful rhythm; the seasons come and go along with their changing scenes. Have you ever experienced the beauty of nature?

Professor Chao Shao-an immersed himself in the inspiration of nature throughout his life. With nature as his teacher, he observed the natural world meticulously, with a unique vision to discover the ultimate beauty. He captured its essence, using superb drawing skills to create unique works of art. His brushes created flowers in full bloom, dazzling in their brilliance. His favourite noble cicadas sing loudly and clearly in the summer willows, with red lychees in abundance, the fruit of the season. Depicting a rich autumn harvest, he painted fisherman along the reed shore. He admired the plum blossoms in moonlight and enjoyed the serenity of dreamlike winter snow.

Professor Chao realised that a harmonious life could be found in the seasonal changes and in his feelings of coexistence with nature, exemplified in his words: "I only wish I could be at leisure." In this exhibition, with the four seasons the theme, a selection of around 40 paintings have been chosen from our collection. So let Professor Chao show you into the beauty of the four seasons with the poetic scenery he created.