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Ultraviolet and Infrared: Light for Conservation

While the local economy was still under development in the 1950s to 60s, resources were always limited and therefore people generally adapted a very frugal lifestyle. They would repair their worn-out daily necessities, sew their torn clothes, etc. Nowadays, with the enormous improvement of our daily lives, it is no longer necessary to reuse old things. Instead, people love to stay trendy and replace the old with the new. Are old things really worthless?

There is a professional team in museums going against the trend. They, the conservators of the Conservation Office, actively research and apply new technologies to preserve and conserve artefacts. Seemingly beyond our reach, the concept, technique and research findings from their work are always applicable in our daily lives.

Featuring at Muse Fest HK 2020, Ultraviolet and Infrared: Light for Conservation uses a mini-game and video demonstrations to introduce some of the conservators' daily works, including the application of optical technology to miraculously repair broken glass objects, to ‘see through' drawings and reveal the artist's techniques. Let's unlock the secrets hidden inside the Conservation Laboratory together!

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