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"Reading with Curators" Talk Series
The Filmmakers' Story of an Era

The Hong Kong Film Archive is committed to preserving Hong Kong's film heritage. Besides collecting and conserving Hong Kong films and related artefacts, the Archive is also dedicated to facilitating research and publishing an eclectic mix of monographs. "The Oral History Series" is one of our top picks, which is an invaluable documentation of interviews with Hong Kong film veterans. For the second session of the talk series, "The Filmmakers' Story of an Era", we will explore two of its volumes, Director Lung Kong and An Emerging Modernity: Hong Kong Cinema of the 1960s, joined by senior cultural practitioner Leung Foon, renowned actress Nancy Sit Kar-yin and two assistant curators from the Archive.

During the mid-1960s, the Hong Kong film industry underwent some major changes due to urbanisation and the influx of cultural influence from the West, and local films were trying to break new ground in terms of subject matter and filmmaking. However, by the end of the 1960s, the Cantonese cinema began to wane due to the shrinking demand of Cantonese films in overseas markets. It was when the then-emerging director Lung Kong came into the scene. Deeply influenced by modern film aesthetics and theories, he used film as a medium to respond to social issues, touching upon sensitive topics in his own avant-garde film language, such as the marginalised characters in Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967), Teddy Girls (1969), and The Call Girls (1973). With his bold vision and ground-breaking approaches, his films not only challenged the values of the so-called conservatives at the time, but also raised people's awareness towards the core issues that plagued our society. During the talk, speakers will lead the audience to a cinematic journey through reading and revisit "the story of an era".

The talk will be conducted at the Hong Kong Film Archive and all are welcome to join us live on YouTube and Facebook. The links to accessing the online live will be posted on the "Visit HK Museums" YouTube and Facebook on the day of the event, you may watch the online live by clicking the links, so make sure you like and subscribe us to get yourself updated about our programme!

"Reading with Curators" Talk Series
Talk 1: Reading Art • Reading Life
Talk 3: Reading the Contemporary World from Posters
Talk 4: Reading Hong Kong History: From the Prominent Visitors to Toy Industry

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Nov 8 (Sun)
3pm - 4pm

Hong Kong Film Archive (Quota: 60 persons; no registration required; interested parties are advised to wait for admission at the entrance of the Cinema 30 minutes before the talk commences; first come, first served)

Online Platforms:
YouTube and Facebook

Dr Ng Chun-hung (Leung Foon), Honorary Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong

Nancy Sit Kar-yin, renowned actress

May Ng, Assistant Curator of the Hong Kong Film Archive; Priscilla Chan, Assistant Curator of the Hong Kong Film Archive

Books to share:

  • Oral History Series (5): An Emerging Modernity: Hong Kong Cinema of the 1960s
  • Oral History Series (6): Director Lung Kong



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