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2024-03-28 |
"Voyage with Van Gogh" of "Art@Harbour 2024" launches today

2024-03-25 |
Points to note for visiting "teamLab: Continuous" exhibition of "Art@Harbour 2024" (with video)

2024-03-24 |
"Art@Harbour 2024" lights up enchanting cityscape of Victoria harbourfront (with photos)

2024-03-18 |
Advance registration quota full for sessions in first week of "teamLab: Continuous" exhibition of LCSD's large-scale outdoor art project "Art@Harbour 2024"

2024-03-13 |
LCSD's large-scale outdoor art project "Art@Harbour 2024" and arrangements on registration and admission for special sessions (with photos)

2024-01-23 |
"Art@Harbour 2024" shines on both sides of Victoria Harbour in March

2023-12-27 |
Temporary partial closure in phases of green lawns, passageways and viewing platforms of Tamar Park and Central and Western District Promenade - Central Section

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