Listening & SPU

Apart from curating exhibitions, how could museum carry out meaningful exchange with audience and make a difference? Listening Team attempted to drive an experimental public engagement project for promoting the museums, and intensifying the visitor experience. The hypothesis: Visitors who have been involved deeply, with their feelings and wishes listened to, would experience a more engaging and rewarding museum visit later on.

Listening Team crossed over with the Science Promotion Unit to taste science from different perspectives.

To Science With Love
We created a series of thematic microfilms and interview videos. When Scientists met Life Scientists, how did they tactfully connect science with love? How did members of the general public share their views towards science?

Science Cafe
We invited curators from Hong Kong Science Museum and young scientists to share with people from all walks of life in the relaxing ambience of Science Cafe. The interactive sharing was about science as well as daily life. Through such a mixed experience of science, coffee and film screening, people's views towards science were listened to.


Past Project

Listening 2020