About Listening

I. Listening - The Why

  1. "Listening" is a fluid co-creation project.
  2. It works as in a spiral process: the voices of our curators responding to the collections are being heard → the voices of the audience responding to the curators and the collections are being heard → the voices of curators responding to the audience… One voice would invite a sequence of responses, and so on so forth.
  3. The valuable voices of our curators and the audience were collected and recorded throughout this sustainable process of listening. We would try every possible way to distill the quintessential and create value from it.
  4. Our museums and potential audience would thence understand, appreciate and get closer to each other.

II. Listening - The How

  1. The evolving Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) is the pilot. The curators connected with the "Life Artists" from all walks of life to exchange on a series of signature collections of HKMoA.
  2. Views and knowledge were communicated. Artistic desires were expressed. Dreams were heard. Paradigms were shifted.
  3. The audience were engaged in various levels. Would they discover their taste in art then? Would they derive greater satisfaction from the next museum visits?

III. Listening - The Process

  1. The Outpost: Located next to the HKMoA, the little glass box has been transformed into a "Listening Lab" for co-creation.
  2. Tune-in: Engaging activities for the audience were organised. Guided or spontaneous, voices and opinions were encouraged and expressed in multiple formats, ranging from interviews, chi-chat, workshops, design-thinking exercises to creation of speech bubbles.
  3. Deep listening: A group of 12 "Life Artists" from all walks of life were invited to share their stories, their views about a series of signature collections of HKMoA, and worked out new texts with the curators.
  4. Research: Academic teams supported, advised and collaborated with us on this project. Design thinking --- mapping out together the customer journey that works best. Field research --- preparing the environment for impact studies.
  5. Manifestation: The "collected voices" were presented to mass audience in various forms, ranging from video series, performances inspired by the collections, written notes to printed matters.
  6. Reflection: We strive with a faith that museums can co-create something beautiful together with our audience. After listening, we would continue to embrace some "transformed" perspectives, for the betterment of this city, taking baby steps one at a time.