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A Page of Film History that You Should Know
"Out of the Past – From the Tai Ping Treasure Trove" Virtual Tour

As one of the earliest large-scale theatres in Hong Kong, Tai Ping Theatre witnessed the changes in the local entertainment industry, from Cantonese opera to film, and from silent film to sound film. It was an important landmark in the film history of Hong Kong.

Presenting more than a hundred precious artefacts donated by the third-generation owner of Tai Ping Theatre, Ms. Beryl Bik-fook Yuen, the "Out of the Past – From the Tai Ping Treasure Trove" exhibition narrates the brilliance and challenges of the theatre for more than 70 years. Come join the curator of the Hong Kong Film Archive to revisit the golden age of the Tai Ping Theatre in the exhibition!




Museum Outward Bound Virtual Tour Series
"A Not-To-Be-Missed Railway Journey" Railway Museum Virtual Tour

If there is an extra train ticket, would you like to travel back in time and explore the past and present of Hong Kong's railways with the curator?

In this virtual guided tour, the curator will take you on a journey to explore the Hong Kong Railway Museum, including the Old Tai Po Market Railway Station built in 1913. You can also board the historical train coaches from different periods. The curator will tell about the stories of railway development.

Don't hesitate anymore as this is a journey that cannot be missed!




Museum Outward Bound Virtual Tour Series
"Top 3 Mysterious Places on the Fireboat" The Alexander Grantham Virtual Tour

The Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery, situated behind the Victoria Harbour, is a popular spot for photography, but its historical significance in the history of local sea rescue operations remained obscured to many people. In this tour, the assistant curator of the Exhibition Gallery and Mr Leung Chung Yu, a retired firefighter who had fought side-by-side with the fireboat, will take you on a journey to discover the secret attractions of the exhibition and the fireboat.

Do you want to know what firefighters do on board besides extinguishing fires? Do you want to learn more about the history and equipment of sea rescue operations? Come and explore the Alexander Grantham to find out the answers!




10 Incredible Facts About Robots

Join Pepper for a tour around the "Robots – The 500-Year Quest to Make Machines Human" exhibition at Hong Kong Science Museum, you will be able to see fascinating robots in different periods and explore the 10 incredible facts about them!

From the earliest automatons to robots in modern research laboratories, this exhibition will allow you to understand how scientists use artificial intelligence technology and sophisticated mechanical design to build human-like robots, and explore what they mean to humans. You will also be able to look at the familiar robots featured in science fictions and movies in the exhibition. Don't miss out!




Museum Outward Bound Virtual Tour Series
"Becoming an Astronomer in 10 Minutes" Astropark Virtual Tour

The curators of the Hong Kong Space Museum will lead you on a virtual journey to tour around the Hong Kong Space Museum Astropark, allowing you to become an astronomer in just 10 minutes!

In this day-and-night tour, you will learn about those different ancient Chinese astronomical instruments, including the Armillary Sphere of the Ming dynasty, the Gnomon, the Star Dial, Moon Dial and sundials. You can even enjoy stargazing under the dark blue sky and see the constellations of the four seasons!

Are you ready?




"Viva! River" 360° Virtual Tour

To give new art inspiration to the vibrant development of Tuen Mun, a district with long history and significant local characteristics, the Art Promotion Office has launched "Viva! River" featuring local artists/artist duos Adonian Chan, Kay Chan, Ken Lo, Ricci Wong, Cold Ears Factory (Eastman Cheng and Joey Leung) and La Belle Époque (Billie Ng and Mary Cheung). 6 sets of artwork including sculptures, urban furniture, a community weaving piece, and even an interactive installation with music elements have all been installed along the Tuen Mun River - an artistic journey begins here! Join us in this virtual tour which offers you an interactive 360-degree experience!

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Be My Guest - Law Uk Virtual Tour

Chai Wan was one of the Hakka settlements in Hong Kong in the 18th century, and Law Uk was a residential house built at that time. For the past two hundred years, Law Uk witnessed the urban development of the Chai Wan District and preserved the traditional Hakka culture and customs. "Be my guest - Law Uk Virtual Tour" showcases the architectural characteristics and interior structure of Law Uk, as well as the furniture and farming tools. It also reveals the humanistic stories of the house and reconstructs the original appearance of Hakka livelihood. Come and visit Law Uk immediately to discover the historic Hakka stories!