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Muse Fest HK 2020 Express

The pandemic has introduced the whole world to a "new normal". This also applies to our museums.

We have been striving to make timely adjustment while maintaining service quality. Parallelly, we keep exploring new directions and possibilities in programme design and hope to turn the limitations into creativity.

This year's Muse Fest will therefore run across two months and more. There will be a number of not-to-be-missed blockbuster exhibitions, including the "Between the Lines - The Legends of Hong Kong Printing" and "20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition" that feature the vanishing technology and art of traditional printing, the "Botticelli and His Times - Masterworks from the Uffizi" that features the evergreen Renaissance art and the "Robots - The 500-Year Quest to Make Machines Human" that explores the development of automation figures and artificial intelligence of the new era. On the other hand, we will also ride on the online platform which provides us with infinite possibilities of organizing a wider range of programmes to cater for people of different ages and with different interests. Our Online programmes will enable you to tour around exhibitions and take part in talks, games, demonstrations and workshops, etc at your fingertips.

A lot of people would spend more time at home these days. How to make use of the spare time at home? Reading may be one of the best options. Take a look at our 50% Off Selected Museum Publications in which 100 titles of publications covering history, culture, art and film were finely selected from our museum publications and are put on sale in 50% off plus a special offer of buy two, get one free. Book lovers have to take action now.

A number of online and offline programmes will be coming soon. Stay tuned with us and keep yourself updated.

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