Listening & Wonder Museum

With the aim of promoting the concept of age-friendly museums, the Listening team strived to connect different age groups through the various content of LCSD museums, from history, film, culture to coastal defence. Cross-generation communication was encouraged among the senior citizens and youth, who might exchange views and share the fun of visiting museums.

The Listening team collaborated with professional consultants, offering over 1000 hours of training to the museum staff members and volunteers, in order to equip them with understanding of “how to deliver better service to senior citizens in a museum setting”. The Hong Kong Museum of History, the Hong Kong Film Archive, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence had become a “Wonder Museum”, one by one. They designed unique museum journeys with gallery visit, film screening, in-depth sharing and first-hand experience, for around 700 senior citizens in companion with museum volunteers.

Past Projects