Transcend – Muse Fest HK 2015

27.6 – 12.7.2015

This year we are pleased to announce the launch of Transcend – Muse Fest HK 2015, the first museum festival in Hong Kong. The festival brings together 14 public museums, 5 related cultural venues and 3 museum related disciplines, covering history, art, culture, science, astronomy, film, archaeology, built heritage and conservation. We hope the festival’s specially crafted programmes and activities will entice people of all ages to visit museums and explore the world of knowledge and achievement, becoming inspired through their active participation.

Running for 16 days, the festival offers more than 70 programmes and activities in four main categories, namely Muse Fest Special Activities, the Museum Inside Out Programme Series, the Exhibition and Film Show Series and the Educational and Extension Activity Series. Suitable for families or individuals, the festival programmes range from exhibitions on different themes to films, talks, sharing sessions and workshops.

Including 20 activities, the Museum Inside Out Programme Series is the highlight of the festival. The programmes enable visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of the varied work of museums. Have you ever wondered what kind of work a curator does? Don’t miss our museum curator sharing her experiences in the talk “101 Things Every Curator Should Know”. In addition, professional designers of various museums have been invited to join the Meet the Museum Designers, at which they will share with participants the behind-the-scene stories of producing Sky Shows and large-scale exhibitions. They will also tell you what a big difference is made by adding visual design elements to an exhibition.

The Conservation Office will also launch a new service during the festival, while a Conservation Clinic will be set up in both the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Museum of History. Specialist conservators will be there to give condition assessments of relics brought by visitors. Those who wish to use this special service register as soon as possible.

Have you ever thought of becoming a museum curator? We can now offer you an opportunity with the “Be a Curator” Interactive Journey jointly organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Hong Kong Science Museum. This interactive activity will be held at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in the afternoon on the three Saturdays during the festival period.

Children who love handwork should not miss the Museum HAS Family Workshops on the themes of history, art and science to be held on weekends.

The climax of the festival programmes is the Alien Party@Space Museum, which will be held on July 11 at the Hong Kong Space Museum. The party is open for students from primary 4 to primary 6 and they can each bring a parent. Participants can dress up like an alien for a fun-filled evening exploring extra-terrestrial life.

Apart from the above mentioned recommendations, there are many other fabulous programmes that you cannot afford to miss.