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"Reading with Curators" Talk Series
Reading the Contemporary World from Posters

We come across all kinds of posters every day. They are everywhere. Have you ever thought that posters can also be on display in a museum like an artwork and become a collection? Many would see the posters are merely a medium to achieve publicity and sales. In fact, they go beyond that. Covering political, social or even ideological issues, posters talk to us in silence always. As a communication medium mainly relying on words and graphics, a poster must have an eye-catching design to attract viewers' attention. The question of how to create striking visual impact and to cause resonance has, therefore, become the biggest challenge for designers.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum has organised the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial with the Hong Kong Designers Association since 2001. Through collecting, organising competitions, exhibitions and seminars, and publishing exhibition catalogues, the museum has brought stunning posters from different places around the world to Hong Kong, broadening the vision of the public.

During the "Reading the Contemporary World from Posters", the third session of the "Reading with Curators" Talk Series, the assistant curator of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum will share with us the social landscape and the trend of poster design reflected from the works of the past editions of Hong Kong International Poster Triennial. Two local designers, Eric Chan and Choi Kim-hung, who had played different roles in the past Triennials, will share with us their stories in their journeys of poster design.

The talk will be conducted at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and online live on "Visit HK Museums" YouTube and Facebook will also be available. The links to accessing the online live will be posted on the "Visit HK Museums" YouTube and Facebook on the day of the event, you may watch the online live by clicking the links, so make sure you like and subscribe us to get yourself updated about our programme!

"Reading with Curators" Talk Series
Talk 1: Reading Art • Reading Life
Talk 2: The Filmmakers' Story of an Era
Talk 4: Reading Hong Kong History: From the Prominent Visitors to Toy Industry

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Nov 28 (Sat)
3pm - 4pm

Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Quota: 16 persons; no registration required; interested parties are advised to wait for admission at the lobby 30 minutes before the talk commences; first come, first served)

Online Platforms:
YouTube and Facebook

Eric Chan, Designer; Choi Kim-hung, Designer; Bernadette Mok, Assistant Curator of Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Guest Moderator:
Dr Au Yeung Wai Hoo (Ben Sir)
Hong Kong linguist and TV host

Books to share:

  • Beyond The Surface - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2007
  • Act • Live - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010
  • Vision - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014



9865 6310 / 2601 7324
(Mon to Fri, 10am to 6pm, from Oct 15 to Dec 20, 2020)

*In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, special admission arrangements and precautionary measures will be implemented for the venue. Please pay attention to the latest announcement in the websites of the related venues.


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