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"Reading with Curators" Talk Series
Reading Hong Kong History: From the Prominent Visitors to Toy Industry

The legendary development of Hong Kong city begins with the ceding of the Hong Kong Island to Britain in 1841. Its superior geographical location and the introduction of tariffs waiving policy by the British Hong Kong government turned Hong Kong, a free trade port, into a metropolis mixed with Chinese and foreign residents, attracting a number of prominent visitors from all over the world, such as the British crown prince Edward, the Russian crown prince Nicholas, the Japanese crown prince Hirohito, the renowned comedian Charles Chaplin and the great British writer George Bernard Shaw, etc. Hong Kong people have been known to be diligent and flexible. These characteristics coupled with the adventurous spirit of local industrialists have driven Hong Kong's light industry to flourish after the Second World War, making Hong Kong developed into one of the largest industrial exporters. And the toy manufacturing, one of the four major productions in Hong Kong, has even led this city, though small in size, breaking out into the international arena and becoming the largest toy exporter in the world.

The last talk of the "Reading with Curators" Talk Series will have the curators of the Hong Kong Museum of History as the speakers, who have taken part in the write-ups of the exhibition catalogues, A Century of Visitors - Prominent Visitors to Hong Kong in its Early Years and The Legend of Hong Kong Toys. The speakers will share with you the tales of the evolution of Hong Kong over the past 170 years through the stories of the big named visitors to export toy industry.

The talk will be conducted by live-streaming on "Visit HK Museums" YouTube and Facebook. The link to accessing the online live will be posted on the "Visit HK Museums" YouTube and Facebook on the day of the event, you may watch the online live by clicking the links. So make sure you like and subscribe us to get yourself updated about our programme!

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, the talk will be conducted by live-streaming only without on-site participation.

"Reading with Curators" Talk Series
Talk 1: Reading Art • Reading Life
Talk 2: The Filmmakers' Story of an Era
Talk 3: Reading the Contemporary World from Posters

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Dec 20 (Sun)
3pm - 4pm

Online Platforms:
YouTube and Facebook

Osmond Chan, Curator of Hong Kong Museum of History; Carol Lau, Assistant Curator of Hong Kong Museum of History

Guest Moderator:
Dr Au Yeung Wai Hoo (Ben Sir)
Hong Kong linguist and TV host

Books to share:

  • A Century of Visitors - Prominent Visitors to Hong Kong in its Early Years
  • The Legend of Hong Kong Toys



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(Mon to Fri, 10am to 6pm, from Oct 15 to Dec 20, 2020)


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