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SOPHIE - IVE's Solar Cars Driving the Future
2018.03.13 - 2018.09.12
Hong Kong Science Museum
2/F Exhibition Hall

Since 2009, a group of teachers and students at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) have been developing a series of solar cars named SOPHIE in Hong Kong. Their aim is to develop a greener vehicle that can convert renewable solar energy into electricity more efficiently for use, thus helping to protect the earth. After years of research and improvement in SOPHIE's overall performance, the SOPHIE team and their fourth-generation solar car, SOPHIE IV, participated in the "World Solar Challenge" in 2013 for the first time and was the third runner-up in the 3,000-kilometer race from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia to Adelaide in South Australia. In 2015, SOPHIE IV became the first solar car to run on a highway in Hong Kong.


In addition to displaying the fourth-generation SOPHIE, through video programmes, physical parts and interactive exhibits, this exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the applications of various technologies in solar cars and car body design. We hope that through this exhibition, young people will be inspired to devote themselves to research and to make a contribution to innovation and technology development in Hong Kong.