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Hong Kong Museum of Art
  • Application for Reproduction of Collection Image
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Application Form for Waiver of Admission Charges of the Special Exhibition for Group Visit and Guided Tour Services - Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Application Form for Group Visit and Guided Tour Services - Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Application Form for Guided Tour Services - Hong Kong Railway Museum
  • Application Form for Group Visit and Guided Tour Services - Sheung Yiu Folk Museum
  • Museum Pass Application Form
  • Education & Extension Programmes Application Form
  • MuseKids Membership Application Form
  • Application for Lending Services (Exhibition Panels)
  • Application for Lending Services (Multimedia Videos)
  • Application for Reproduction of Photographs
  • Subscription to Hong Kong Heritage Museum Newsletter
  • Subscription to LCSD e-Magazine
Hong Kong Museum of History
  • Museum Pass Application Form & Note to Applicant
  • Facilities/ Services for Visitors with Disabilities
  • Application for Reproduction of Museum Materials
  • Application for Loan Out Services
  • Exhibition Panels
  • In-house Video Shows
  • Application for Museum E-News
Hong Kong Science Museum
  • Newsletter
  • Waiver of Admission Charges by Registered Non-profit-making Organization Application form
  • Museum Pass Application Form
  • School Visit Application Form
  • Little Scientists Exploration Programme (Chinese version only)
  • Teacher Development Programme Application Form
  • Seat Plan of Lecture Hall
  • Booking Arrangement
  • Application Form - Lecture Hall / Special Exhibition
  • Scale of Hire Charges
  • Concessionary Rates for Non-Profit Organizations Scheme
Hong Kong Space Museum
  • Teacher's Corner
  • "Come Back, the Sun!" Storybook
  • Stars Maps and Moon Map
  • Download Paper Models
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
  • Application for Loan of Exhibition Panels and Delivery Service
  • Primary School Student Worksheets
  • Junior Secondary School Student Worksheets
  • Worksheet for the "Braving the Storm: Hong Kong under Japanese Occupation" Exhibition
  • "From Son of Heaven to Commoner: Puyi, the Last Emperor of China" Exhibition Worksheet
  • "The Great War at Its Centenary" Exhibition Worksheet
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum
  • School Talks Application Form
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen's hometown
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen's family tree
  • Education: past and present
  • Travelling to Hawaii
  • Studying in Hong Kong
  • Learning about old Hong Kong
  • Comic strip: Dr Sun Yat-sen in Hong Kong
  • The Four Desperados
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen's friends
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen's autobiography (Chinese version only)
  • Brief chart of events in Dr Sun Yat-sen's life
  • "Dr sun Yat-sen and Modern China" crossword puzzle (Chinese version only)
  • My favourite exhibit
  • Resume of Dr Sun Yat-sen
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen's footprints around the world
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen's activities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Learning about Hong Kong and revolutionary activities through the exhibits
  • Epoch-making changes
  • Zhongshan Suit
  • Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail
  • Acknowledgements
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware
  • Application Forms
  • Education Resources
Hong Kong Railway Museum
  • Guided Tours
Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery
  • Worksheet (Primary School)
  • Worksheet (Secondary School)
Law Uk Folk Museum
  • Law Uk Folk Museum Worksheet (Primary School)
  • Law Uk Folk Museum Worksheet (Secondary School)
  • Activity Sheet for the Law Uk Folk Museum
Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
  • Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum Worksheet (Primary School)
  • Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum Worksheet (Secondary School)
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum
  • Guided Tours
Hong Kong Film Archive
  • Booking Arrangements
  • Booking Application Form
  • Scale of Hire Charges
  • Cinema Introduction
  • Exhibition Hall Introduction
  • Archival Gems on Loan Scheme
  • Group Docent Service
  • Application Form for Special Film Show Group Tickets
  • Film List and Introduction
Sam Tung Uk Museum
  • Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre Application Form For Guided Tour Service for Group Visit
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage Office (ICHO) E-news Subscription Form
  • Reporting Form for Possible Inscription onto the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
  • Booking Arrangements and Procedures
  • Download Hiring Application Forms