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Hong Kong Museum of Art (22.293564,114.172003)

Exhibition Details

Claylaboration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition
2018.12.29 - 2019.04.15
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F, Thematic Gallery 5

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Participating Ceramists:
Chan Kiu Hong, Wy Lee and Ryan Hui, Jakie Leung, Rosanna Li, Nick Poon, Annie Wan, Fiona Wong, Yokky Wong
Media Artist: Elaine Wong

What kinds of possibilities will result from a crossover between ceramics and other media? Come and visit this exhibition to broaden your impression of ceramic art! Bringing ceramists and creative talent from other fields together, it will offer you a unique experience in art through their exchanges of innovative concepts and techniques.

By transferring photographic images to ceramic plates, Fiona Wong transforms a moment in time into eternity. Immerse yourself in the surreal atmosphere of Yokky Wong's black-and-white ceramic studio and peek into her intimate world of personal memories. Wy Lee and Ryan Hui will guide you into the world of Zen through hundreds of ceramic bowls. As you admire the elegant dancing ceramic figures by Nick Poon, just one second of evil thoughts will transfer you into Rosanna Li's purgatory to redeem your sins. Don't worry! Jakie Leung's delicate porcelain work will bring you back to the human world, where you can enjoy the artist's fine craftsmanship under shimmering lights. Annie Wan puts her ceramic books to the test of a searing blaze, and a rainbow rises from the ashes. And what do you find underneath Chan Kiu Hong's thousands of ceramic scales? Is it a sleeping monster? As you step into this exhibition, it will surely creep into your imagination, making you gasp for breath.

Get ready for this experimental journey into the imaginative world of ceramic art!