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Exhibition Details

Sky Show "Sky Tour: Window on the Universe"
2019.11.01 - 2020.04.30
Hong Kong Space Museum
Space Theatre

The Sky Show "Sky Tour: Window on the Universe" takes you to explore the magnificent night skies around the world. The journey starts in the far north in the aurora-lit skies of Iceland.

You will travel across beautiful landscapes, oceans and continents to discover different views of the spectacular night sky that our planet offers. You will watch the Southern Cross and Milky Way move slowly across the sky with beautiful time-lapse images. You will enter the magical dream world of Salar de Uyuni, where the Universe is seen reflected within a giant natural mirror. You will also leave our planet to travel to space in beautiful simulations that reveal the true nature of our galaxy.

"Sky Tour: Window on the Universe" incorporates mesmerizing time-lapse footage gathered over three years of world travel, from North America, Hawaii, Bolivia, Australia to New Zealand. Computer graphics and simulations explain why the views of the starry sky change with latitudes. With the melodious music, the show allows us to indulge in the breathtaking starry skies and admire the wonderful views offered by the Earth and the Universe.