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Hong Kong Museum of History (22.30211,114.1774)

Gilded Glory: Chaozhou Woodcarving
2018.11.08 - 2019.02.25
Hong Kong Museum of History
Special Exhibition Gallery
Chaozhou woodcarving is a well-known school of woodcarving in China. Displaying distinct regional features, the style was popular across ancient Chaozhou prefecture in Guangdong province. As lacquer and gold foil are often applied to Chaozhou woodcarving, it is also known as "gilt wood". Ingenious openwork carving techniques yield exquisite works of art which underscore the three-dimensional nature of carving, while creating a multi-dimensional space of overlapping layers that is akin to a drawing depicting intricate plots. Meanwhile, the meaningful folk motifs and patterns showcase the traditional lifestyle in Chaoshan region.
Through approximately 120 sets of exhibits from Guangdong Museum, the exhibition will illustrate the practical usage, subject matters and artistic features of Chaozhou woodcarving, while giving the audience a taste of the customs and humanistic spirit of Chaoshan region. The exhibits will include the large openwork crab cage created by Mr Gu Liuxi, an inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage of Chaozhou woodcarving. Other works of woodcarving, under various topics, will also be used to introduce the customs and traditions of the Chaoshan community in Hong Kong.