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90 Years of Public Service Broadcasting in Hong Kong
2018.11.07 - 2019.02.25
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Thematic Galleries 1, 2 & Function Place
Radio and television broadcasting is closely related to the daily lives of Hong Kong people. The broadcasting industry provides news and entertainment, bears testimony to social events, and promotes history, culture and art. It develops alongside our society and is our collective memory at all times.
In June 1928, the then Hong Kong Government took over a non-governmental radio broadcast body – Hong Kong Radio Society – to commence its broadcast services. With "GOW" as its call-sign, the broadcaster marked the founding of what is known today as Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Since then, RTHK has become the sole public service broadcaster in Hong Kong. As the years passed, technological advances facilitated RTHK's innovation and evolution of programmes. In addition to its long established radio service, RTHK later launched its TV service followed by the development of its website and mobile apps. News, information and entertainment are provided on various platforms to suit the public's changing lifestyle.
To mark the 90th anniversary of public service broadcasting in Hong Kong in 2018, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and RTHK have jointly organised an exhibition - 90 Years of Public Service Broadcasting in Hong Kong to celebrate this developmental milestone. Through the presentation of a recording studio, classic programme scenes, displays of RTHK's invaluable photos and audio-visual archives, the exhibition showcases the development of Hong Kong's broadcast industry with RTHK as the focus and to create an opportunity for visitors to experience the glorious moments of its history through sound and image.