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Exhibition Details

TIME WILL TELL / anothermountainman x stanley wong / 40 years of work
2019.11.10 - 2020.07.20
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Thematic Galleries 1 & 2, Function Place & 1/F Corridor
This exhibition is a presentation on process, building and preserving, and precipitating. It is not an exhibition to display accomplishments.
From a solo exhibition to a collaboration, "the testimony of time" takes you on a journey on the evolution of visual artist, Stanley Wong (anothermountainman). From his commercial graphic designs, artistic creations, to the promotion of the meaning and values of life and the society, you can see him in his completely different roles, as Stanley Wong and as anothermountainman.
The exhibition is presented in 3 sections – black, white, grey. The three sections cover anothermountainman's personal works, including the positive Hong Kong redwhiteblue series which spans two decades; Stanley Wong's graphic designs and advertising creatives such as the MTR advertisements in the early 1990s, which propelled him to fame; and the brand building and promotion campaigns by anothermountainman x Stanley Wong which focus on the values of society. Various large-scale photography works are on show as well as the debut of his latest photography essay/diary 80/20•enlightenment•40 years.
The exhibition begins with From Dust to Dust / 302 Days and ends with Impermanence. We cordially invite everyone to peacefully walk back with Stanley Wong x anothermountainman on his 40-year path of work and its projects, while experiencing the impermanence of life.
Back to the past. Back to the future.
Back to the ultimate speed of light. Back to the basic.
Running forward, is fast, is exploration.
Looking backwards, is slow, is inspiration.
On the long road, take some time to think.